Hair straighteners are essential to give your hair that sleek and polished look to any hairstyle you want to achieve. A good pair of straighteners will not only flatten all those frizzy, flyaway hairs but allows to you be much for creative with your hairstyles by helping you create gorgeous curls and add volume to your hair.

Our compare and contrast guide to the huge variety of hair straighteners available help you to sift through your options quickly. We have offered up the essential information to help you make the best choice when buying your straighteners. We review all the straighteners currently on the market so you have the most up to date choices.


Best Hair Straighteners Comparison

Hair Straightener Guide

StraightenerNameTypeAdjustable TempPriceRating
ghd IV StylerCeramicNoMid-range

TREsemme Ceramic StylerCeramicYesBudget
(Under £50)
Remington S3500CeramicYesBudget
(Under £50)

Remington S8590 CeramicYesBudget
(Under £50)

H2D WideTourmalineYesMid-range

Cloud Nine OriginalCeramicYesLuxury
(over £100)

C9 TouchCeramicYesMid-range

Corioliss C3TitaniumYesMid-range

(Under £50)

Babyliss Pro EleganceCeramicYesMid-range

Top 5 Hair Straightener Reviews

GHD IV Styler

best hair straighteners

Pros: Easy to use, reputable brand, rounded barrel for curling, shiver mode, sleep mode

Cons: Not adjustable heat  setting

The GHD IV styler is the original ceramic hair straightener which changed it all. Over the years it has won multiple awards for performance and quality. The IV model has features such as shiver mode, auto shut off, and a round barrel design to help you great curls as well as straighten. For the price its a great all rounder and you won’t be disappointed if you invest in these straighteners.

TREsemme Ceramic Styler 230

Pros: Heats up to 230°C, heats in 15 seconds, 3 heat settings, auto shut off, salon length cord

Cons: Can a few attempts to straighten really thick or afro hair

The TREsemme Ceramic Styler is a budget friendly option  which boasts a number of features at almost the third of the price of  GHDs or Cloud 9s. With the handy adjustable heat setting it will suit all hair style from thin to thick without frying the ends.  They are lightweight which makes them easy to use without getting arm ache, although they are robust and don’t feel flimsy. Check these out if you want best selling straighteners on a shoestring budget.

H2D Wide

Pros: Wide plates, adjustable temperature, swivel cord, 3m cord

Cons: not great for very short hair

The H2D wide are the perfect straighteners for long thick hair which takes a long time to straighten.  They are wider than regular straighteners so the heat is spread evenly across the plates, making it easier and quicker to finish your hair. We wouldn’t recommend these for really short hair as the plates are too wide to maneuver them and style your hair well.  The adjustable temperature ranges from 80C up to 210C which is suitable for all hair types including very brittle or thin hair.  High performance at a great price.

Cloud Nine Original

Pros:  adjustable temperature, swivel cord, 3m cord, auto switch off, 2 year guarantee

Cons: expensive

Thought nobody could improve on the classic GHD’s? Well check out the Cloud 9 Original as a head to head rival.  Theses straighteners are amazing, and they address all the point which GHD has ignored over the years such as adjustable temperatures. For safety they not only come with a sleep mode which shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity, but a clip and protective sleeve to avoid burning or melting any surroundings.  The super smooth plates glide over your hair like butter and leave it super straight and shiny. We guarantee you’ll be more than impressed with these straighteners.

Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy

Pros:  5 Heat settings, heat protection sensor, fast heat up time, great for all hair types

Cons: Outer plastic get very hot when using

The Remington S8590 has a unique keratin coated plate which gives your hair a glossy finish even to thick or frizzy hair. The heat sensor feature detect show much moisture is in each section of hair and adjusts the heat to prevent heat damage occurring. We’d highly recommend these straighteners yo if you have a dry or damaged hair type. The plates are longer than other straighteners so you’ll get more hair done quicker, again preventing heat damage to your hair. Keep an eye out for online offer with the straighteners as you can often get them for over 50% off, and at that price they are a steal.

How To Use Hair Straighteners

Quick Hair Straightener Buying Guide

When you are shopping for hair straighteners there are a few things you should consider.

Performance – If you will be using the straighteners daily, then you’ll need them to perform well. Straighteners which heat up quickly will save you time in the morning, especially if you’re like me and love the alarm snooze button. You can get long lasting straighteners for a good price these days. However if you invest in a great quality brand such as GHD or Cloud 9, you’ll notice the difference.

Budget – You can buy a straighteners from around £10, however if you really want to invest in a great set it will set you back around £100-£150. Cheap hair straighteners are fantastic if you’re on a shoestring budget. However remember that a pair of good straighteners can last you years, if you look after them.

Hair Type – The thickness, length and curl of your hair will decide which type of straighteners will perform best for you. Long hair will benefit most from wide plates, and short from regular or thin plates. Thick and curly hair usually required more heat to straighten the hair smooth, whereas thin hair won’t need much heat. Look out for hair straighteners with adjustable heat settings so your hair isn’t damaged by the heat.

Portability – Ever spent hours on your hair and then been caught in the rain? Frizz bomb! If you want your hair to look sleek at all times then consider a pair of cordless hair straighteners. Powered by gas canisters, these can be used whilst out and about in you daily life, or for when you travel abroad.