The Best Curling Tongs for Flawless Curls

Are you envious of those perfect Victoria Secret curls? A hot curling tong is the best way to fake it, especially if your hair is pin straight or frizzy. Simply wrap your hair around the wand and clamp in place, hold for a few seconds and wah-lah. Curls are the best way to glam up any look, and give your hair incredible volume.

best curling tongsWe’ve researched the best curling tong available on the market, so you can find one that’s right for you. Check out our favourites.

Top 5 Best Curling Tongs Reviewed

Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Curling Tong

Price: Around £20
Barrel size: 13mm
Max Temp: 180⁰C

Our Verdict

The Nicky Clarke Frizz Control is the perfect curling tong for creating those tight ringlet Taylor Swift type curls. They are best for short to medium length hair as the heated barrel is fairly short at 5” long. Be careful if you have fine hair as they get very hot and only need a few seconds to set the curl. We love that the curl really stays with these, even after sleeping, although it does have a more relaxed look.

The temperature dial is positioned in an awkward area as it can be turn easy when using, an annoyance but not a deal breaker. If you’re after those innocent angel curls, then snap these up for a great price.

Pros: long lasting curls, slim barrel, adds volume, heats quickly
Cons: short barrel, temp dial in awkward position

Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Curl

Price: Around £30
Barrel size: 19mm
Max Temp: 210⁰C

Our Verdict

The Remington Pro Curl comes with a great mid-size curling barrel. IF you want curls tight enough to last but not so you look like little orphan Annie then this does the job. IT has a fantastic temperature range starting for 130⁰C, perfect for fine hair, right up to a hot 210⁰C for thick hair. The swivel cord makes them very easy to use as you won’t get in a big tangled mess whilst twisting the hair.

These heat up super quick, we’re talking around 15 seconds, which is perfect if you’re in a hurry or you have a lot of hair to get through. Just be careful to allow them to cool down before storing them in the storage pouch.

Pros: Long lasting smooth curls, heats very quickly, storage pouch, swivel cord
Cons: storage pouch too small

BaByliss Pro Curl

Price: Around £15
Barrel size: 19mm
Max Temp: 195⁰C

Our Verdict

The BaByliss Pro Curl is a great alternative to the Remington Pro Curl at half the price. Again the 19mm barrel is perfect for corkscrew types curls which last and add a lot of volume to you hair. With the 10 heat settings suitable for fine to thick hair you’ll be sure to find one that works best for you.

The hair clamp is long and holds down the whole curl, rather than the tip, which makes it easier to grip the hair. We were a bit disappointed with the cool tip which doesn’t stay very cool, so you may want to use this with a heat glove so you don’t burn your fingertips.

Pros: Great price, heats quickly, adjustable temperatures
Cons: short cord, cools tip gets hot

BaByliss Pro Cordless Styler

Price: Around £20
Barrel size: 19mm
Max Temp: 200⁰C

Our Verdict

The BaByliss Pro Cordless is the best travel curling tong option. Just like the Pro Curl, it’s a great performing with the added benefit of being able to use on the go. It works with gas cylinders which need to be replaced every so often at a cost of around £4-£7 for two. We’ve found that cordless tongs are a bit hit and miss with temperature, but these heat very quick and even over the whole barrel.

We recommend buying extra gas canisters as there is no indicator for when the gas is low, so it will simply cut out. For great tongs to take on holiday, get these, you won’t be disappointed.

Pros: Great for travel, heat quickly, low price
Cons: need to buy replacement canisters

Morphy Richards Cordless Curling Tongs

morphy richards curling tongsPrice: Around £50
Barrel size: 21mm
Max Temp: 200⁰C

Our Verdict

The Morphy Richards cordless tongs have the benefits of mains powered tongs with the freedom of cordless tongs. It comes with a base charger unit which heats the tongs for around 4 minutes before needing heated again. This gives enough time to curl a few sections before reheating. The unit heats very quickly and is great for storing the curlers after use.

The 21mm barrel gives big bouncy ringlet curls perfect for medium to long hair, but may be a bit big for shorter hairstyles. The tongs get very hot so be careful when using as it’s easier to manoeuvre without the cord, so your face and finger are fair game for being burnt.

Pros: great for ringlet curls, no tangled cords, heat very quick
Cons: not great for short hair

New Comers to Consider

How to Use a Curling Tong

Curling Tong Buying Guide

Choosing a curling tong can be confusing, how do you know which one is best? It’s tempting just to pick up the cheapest tongs rather than risk spending too much on something that doesn’t work. Let’s take a look at the features you should consider before buying curling tongs that are right for you.

Brands – There are lots of reliable hair brands out there which produce well-made tongs. Well-known brands such as Babyliss, Remington and GHD all produce great hair performing hair tools which are always highly recommended.

Material – The most popular barrel materials are ceramic, tourmaline and titanium. The material will affect the price and the finish to your hair. As a general rule ceramic for reducing heat damage, Titanium for shine and tourmaline for smooth.

Size – The width of the barrel makes a difference to the finished look. A thin barrel gives tight long lasting curls great for short to medium hair, but takes forever to style long thick hair. Larger barrels create big bouncy volume great for long thick hair, but curls tend to be shorter lasting. A 19-21mm barrel is a happy medium between the time it takes to style versus length he curls last for.

Temperature – Adjustable temperature is a great feature for all hair types. Fine hair needs lower temperature to prevent eat damage, whereas thick hair needs higher temps to hold the curl.