Top 6 Best Hair Curlers for Amazing Curls

Looking for the best hair curlers on the market? Well you’ve come to the right place. Hair curlers are necessary tools to creating glam or casual curls. The right hair curlers will give volume and shape to straight or wavy hair, or even change the shape of natural curls.

best hair curlersThere are lots of different types of types of curlers to choose from, and it can be confusing to know what’s best. The curlers which are right for your will depend on your hair type, length and of course your budget. We’ve reviewed the top 6 best hair curlers available online just for you.

Top 6 Best Hair Curler Reviews

Best Curling Machine – BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl

Price: Around £130
Stockist: Available Here

The Babyliss pro perfect curl is the latest in hair curling technology. It works by automatically drawing up a section of hair and heating in the machine and releasing when the curl is formed. All you need to do is evenly section the hair and hold the styler in place.

It comes with three heat settings for soft curls or more defined curls. This is also great for controlling the heat damage to fine hair types. This machine works wonders, especially if your hair refuses to hold a curl. We love that it makes the curls very uniform, giving a really polished look to your hair.

The biggest drawback with the Pro curl was that it’s quite heavy to hold. If you don’t have much arm strength we suggest opting for one of the options below. It’s also quite pricey but if you’re fed up of buying curling tools which don’t hold a curl then it’s worth every penny.

Pros: perfect even curls, easy to use, adjustable temperatures, long lasting curls
Cons: Expensive, heavy

Best Curling Wand – Remington Pearl Curling Wand

Price: Around £26
Stockist: Available Here

The Remington Pearl Curling Wand is the perfect hair curler for those who want variety. It has a conical shape with a thick 25mm base for creating big ringlet curls and a thin 13mm tip for creating tight corkscrew curls.

The adjustable temperature setting range from a cooler 130C up to a hot 210 which is suitable for fine to extra thick hair. The wand is very quick and easy to use, you’ll only need to hold the hair for around 10 seconds for each section. Make sure you use the heat proof glove provided as they get very hot and it’s easy to burn your finger without it.

The technique of using a hair wands take a bit of getting used to, just keep practicing and you’ll get quicker each time. It’s a great price for an extremely durable and high performing hair curler.

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Pros: Great curl variety, good price, durable, adjustable temperature
Cons: Get very hot

Best Heated rollers – BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers

Price: Around £30
Stockist: Available Here

The BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers are not your typical heated rollers. They are coated with a ceramic material which allows them to heat quickly and transfer the heat through your hair. Each roller heats for around 15 minutes, giving you time to practice or get a few sections curled when you have the hang on using them. A colour indicator changes from red to white to let you know when they are ready to use, or cool enough to remove.

Unlike a lot of heated rollers these work perfect for all hair types. You can set them to a low or high heat setting for a more relaxed or defined curl. The also handle long tick hair really well as the hair is secures with wither grips or pins, although the pins are a bit of a faff to use. The set comes with 20 different sized rollers for covering the whole head.

We love the retro vibe we get from using these curlers, and they work really well. You’ll be able to create all different curled styles with these heated rollers, a big thumbs up at that great price.

Pros: Adjustable temperature, great for all hair types and length, easy and quick to use
Cons: Pins difficult to use

Best Curling Tong – Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Curling Tong

Price: Around £20
Stockist: Available Here

If you’re are after that big curly Carrie Bradshaw look then check out this Nicky Clarke Curling Tong. The thin 13mm barrel creates tight corkscrew curls which last a long time even in hair which refuses to hold a curl. The curls are very defined when you first use it. For that relaxed mermaid curl we recommend curling and brushing through just before bed, you’ll wake to amazing hair in the morning.

It’s perfect for short hair as it get right into the short length adding a little bounce to longer pixie cuts. This curler also works well with medium length hair, but the 5 inch barrel is quite short for longer hair.

It comes with adjustable temperature setting so you don’t need to have the curls very defined, but they will last longer at the highest setting your hair can handle. Just be careful if you have fine hair as it’s quite easy to accidentally knock the heat setting when using.

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Pros: Great for short hair, long lasting curls, adjustable temperature
Cons: Position of heat dial

Best No Heat Curlers – Curl Formerscurlformers best hair curler

Price: Around £50
Stockist: Available Here

Curlformers are the best curlers for those who want to avoid heated styling tools. Avoiding heat on your hair will help you keep it healthy. If you hair is lank, frizzy or unruly when left to hair dry, the curl formers can style it perfectly into lovely curls.

A big problem with wet setting curls is that hair dry’s at different speeds, so some curls form better than other. With Curlformers the hair is kept uniform along the plastic spirals and dries at an even pace. The technique takes a few tries to get used to, but the results are fantastic. The curl formers are very kids friendly too, especially for parties or club competitions such as dance, cheer leading or gymnastics.

We think they are quite expensive for what is essentially a bit of plastic, but the results speak for themselves. Also we don’t recommend sleeping in them as they are quite hard and uncomfortable.

Pros: No heat curls, easy to use, great for all hair types, for all ages
Cons: Expensive

Best Curling Pod – Cloud Nine The O

Price: Around £160
Stockist: Available Here

The Cloud Nine O Pod is similar the Babyliss heated rollers, but with traditional velcro rollers. The pod heats each roller individually and then you wrap it into your hair. The kits comes with different sized rollers ranging from 30-50mm, however you can buy additional smaller rollers for more defined curls.

As each roller is heated individually can take you time when wrapping the hair, great for beginners. The curler is heated from the inside out so you won’t need to worry about burning your hand when placing them into the hair. Each roller has a red dot indicator to which changes to black when cool and ready to remove.

This kits is really expensive, but we really recommend it wear big voluminous hair regularly. It will help keep hair healthy by reducing heat and back combing for height.

Pros: Adds lots of volume, range of curl sizes, energy saving, great for beginners
Cons: Very expensive, extra kits needs for smaller curls

How to Choose the Best Hair Curlers

Creating Hair Curls isn’t a one size fits all approach. Different stylers will be suited to different hair types and lengths.

Heat Setting

Some stylers require a lot of heat to set the curl in your hair.

Low heat – suitable for fine hair types and creating relaxed curls.

High heat – suitable for thick, frizzy hair and for creating defined curls.

No heat– Great for preventing heat damage, frizzy hair types may need to use oil or serum products.

Curl Type

If you want big volumes curls you should choose a curler which has a large barrel or roller (over 30mm). Rollers are typically better at creating volume and lift for big curls in medium to long hair. Thin barrel hair wands or curlers are better for creating tight curls, or volume for short hair. For tight long lasting curls choose smaller barrels or rollers (under 20mm). Mid-sized curls give both volume and tend to last longer than bigger curls.

User Friendly

If you’re a beginner at hair curling, all tools required a little practice before getting the technique right. If you are curing your hair for an occasion we suggest a good few practice runs beforehand.

Beware the common pitfalls of each curling tool

  • Wands/ Tongs – Easy to burn your hands, face or ears
  • Machine – Section properly or hair can easily tangle
  • No Heat – Ensure hair is completely dry before unrolling or hair will fall flat
  • Hot rollers – Pin or clips and be fiddly or harsh on the scalp, velcro rollers can catch in the hair