ghd IV Review – Still the best GHD Straighteners?

Best GHD Straighteners

The ghd IV is a great hair styler, if you’re anything like me, then you will love that it helps you to achieve that ‘just left the hairdressers’ look. The ghd Styler has been the winner of numerous beauty award for hair care over the last decade.
Recently my old hair straighteners started to loss power when I was using them, so it thought it was about time they were replaced. Whilst doing my research for hair straighteners I came across the ghd IV styler which always scored very highly in reviews. I remembered back to 2001 when I got my very first ghds and how revolutionary these new ceramic hair straighteners were to all us frizzy haired teens out there. It seems ghd is still a professional brand with a strong reputation almost 15 years along the line. The brand is still used by hair dressers and at big fashion events such as the glamorous Victoria Secrets fashion show. The IV styler scored highly in most reviews so I’ve decided to check it out and share my own in depth findings with you. Keep reading to find out if the IV styler’s are the best GHD straighteners.

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Super Fast Heat Up Time

Have you ever had a pair of straighteners that you’ve switched on, busied yourself for a few minutes until they heat up and then returned only to find they are still not ready? Straighteners which take forever to heat up are a nightmare especially if you have a limited time to spend getting ready. One of my favourite features with the IV styler was that they are ready to use at maximum temperature within 30 seconds of turning them on. That’s just enough time to give your hair a few spritzes of heat protector and your ready to go. The styler will give a single ‘beep’ when turned on and a solid red led light will appear. Once the plates have reached the maximum temperature the red light will start continuously flash and a double beep will be heard to let you know they are ready.

More than Straightening

You may have noticed that ghd call theses ‘stylers’ rather than hair straighteners. That’s due to the fact that they are not only intended to straighten the hair but the curl, wave, flick and add volume. The curved barrel design of the styler is the key the achieving these looks. The barrel is 1″ wide with a circumference of about 4″, overall wide enough to give hair a little bit of volume and curl but narrow enough to get close to the root. Another great feature which help you to achieve these looks is the swivel cord. If you’ve ever tried to created curls with a flat iron with a static cord then you’ll know it will drive you crazy quickly. The swivel combined with the decent 2.8 meter length of cord also allows you to reach the back of your hair easily without feeling like your wrestling with the straighteners.

Smooth Flexible Plates

The IV stylers are made with aluminium plates which help them to heat up to a high temperature and maintain s a constant temperature. This means that the styler will hold the same heat all the way from root to tip giving you a sleek finish, rather than poker straight roots and frizzy ends. The plates are coated with ceramic layers which help you glide the styler easily and seal in moisture to prevent frizz and give hair that salon smooth finish. The ceramic layers also help to spread the heat evenly along each stand of hair. With the IV styler this is assisted by the ‘floating’ plate design which means the plates are slightly flexible when you press down on them. This feature also prevent hair from being snagged when pulling hair through, this has a tendency to happen when twisting the styler to achieve curled hair.

Safety Mode

Hands up if you’re one of those girls who uses their straighteners and then has a slight panic attack when out and about , realising that you may have left them switched on? Well ghd have addressed that issue with a safety feature called ‘sleep’ mode which turns off the heat from the styler if they have been inactive for 30 minutes, even if they are still switched ‘on’. This is a great way to prevent those inevitable singed carpets, melted wires and potential for starting a house fire. When the styler is in sleep mode it will also beep occasionally to make you aware the styler is still switched on. I think ghd could have improved this feature by adding a locking system to the plates, to prevent the hot plates being so exposed when resting down.

Great for Travel

At 260g these straighteners are fairly lightweight (about the same a weight as a sandwich), and perfect for travelling. The IV styler is also universal voltage, which means they can be used easily in any country (with a plug adaptor) and you still get the same performance from the styler, without any negative effects on the electronics. Unfortunately the basic styler pack doesn’t come with any additional contents such as a travel case or a heat proof mat, but these can be purchased from other brands for a few pounds, although the official ghd ones are a bit more expensive.

Fixed Temperature

The IV styler does not come with the option the change temperature settings. The plates will heat up to around 180 degrees and maintain that temperature. The company states that this the product is fixed at this temperature as it give the best results then styling hair without the damage cause when heating hair above 200 degrees. Personally I think as the 4th edition of the styler that the company would made small improvements to make them the best ghd straighteners we’ve ever used.

Who would I recommend the ghd IV styler to?

GHD state that these straighteners will work for all hair types, although they do recommend using the wide plate ‘salon’ version if you have very thick hair. I would probably recommend using the wider plate version if you have very curly hair as it will make the process a whole lot quicker, which means less heat damage for your hair. If you are have hair which is medium thickness then this styler will work great for you. For those with thin or damaged hair then I would consider buying a pair or straighteners with adjustable heat setting at 180 degrees may damage your hair by being too hot, or buying a good heat protector to use along with the ghd’s.

If you’re the type of person who like to experiment with their hairstyles and try out new looks such as waves or curls then this is a great ‘all in one’ piece of kit. There are hundreds of tutorials over the internet of styles you can recreate with the ghds, and the official website has a huge gallery of tutorials which you can follow.

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Shiver mode

This a feature which has been introduced with the IV styler to protect the straighteners when the room temperature falls below 8 degrees. If a room is too cold the styler can experience a build up of condensation inside the casing, which can result in an electrical failure. Once the styler is in this mode it will give a continuous beep and the plates will not heat up. To prevent this happening you should keep your straighteners in a warm room and away from cold surfaces (cold floor, windowsill, boot of a car etc). This feature can be frustrating as you will need to warm up the straighteners before they work, so you may want to consider buying a specially designed carry bag for your styler to help keep the electrical parts of the styler working at their best.


The design of the IV styler has not change much since originals were released in 2001. The casing is a matte black design with the tan coloured plates with the simple orange logo across the top. The presentation box in is also rather nice, a sleek black style with gold embossed design, if you’re the kind of person who likes to keep the box. If that’s all a bit too boring for you then ghd have a introduced new style lines such as the pastel range ( both the periwinkle and mint are lovely) or gift sets which have gradient colour finishes such as coral or lagoon. My personal favourite was the rose gold limited edition styler which is a gorgeous pink metallic, but these sold out very quickly and are usually only available as a deluxe set. The coloured styles will often cost a bit more than the black styler but are great gifts especially if they match the recipients personality.

best ghd straighteners best ghd straighteners best ghd straighteners






Any hair straightener will work better if you section off your hair and straighten a few inch sections at a time. Depending on your hair length it will take your around 10-20 minutes to properly straighten or curl a full head of hair. The length of time the finished result last for will be dependent on your hair type. Usually the results will last between washes every couple of days, however girls who have thicker or curly hair types may find they need to do a quick ‘top up’ in-between. If your hair gets wet or the weather is quite humid then the results won’t last as long as the water in the air will reverse the effect the heat does to your hair when you straighten. I’ve read some reviews which state that they feel the quality of ghd has decreased since the mark 3 version and that they need to go over sections a few times to get the same results. It may be that ghd have change supplier or are making the styler cheaper as the original creators sold the company in 2010.


It always speaks volumes for a brand when they offer an extended warranty, as it means they are willing to take responsibility for a faulty item during a period when it should be expected to last. An authentic set of the IV styler will have a small hologram sticker inside the styler, which you can use to register them online and activate your two year warranty. The most common fault with the ghd stylers over the years has been wiring problems. This fault is apparently caused by loosening up the wires when you wrap the cord around the styler when not in use, which may not be such an issue with the newer swivel cord.

What do others think?

Here are some comments made by others who have purchased the ghd IV styler:
“Love my styler so easy to use.”
“I have to honestly say that it is the best money I have spent on a product for myself in a long time! Even my hair dresser was impressed!”
“I would recommend it for anyone who has unmanageable hair and wants straightened hair that looks like it has been done by a professional.”
“It is well worth paying out extra rather than buying cheaper ones that just won’t do the job.”
“They heat up really quickly, are easy and light to use and leave my hair soft, shiny and silky.”


  • Should come with a bag or a heat mat
  • Lack of temperature setting


The ghd IV styler is still one of the best hair straighteners on the market, and why they are still so popular amongst women. That’s down to the same great smooth results which the brand is famous for creating, and allowing women to have no more bad hair days! I’m still surprise that for the price they charge that ghd do not provide a temperature control option or provide any additional accessories. If you’re looking for a hair styler which can style your hair how you want and result that last for days then I’d recommend ghds.

Where can I read more about the ghd IV styler?

The best place to read reviews from thousands of people who have actually purchased the IV styler is on Amazon. Currently there are over 2100 reviews for this product so you’ll get a good in depth idea of what others think of it.