Which Hair Straightener Should You Buy?

Are you looking to buy a new pair of hair straighteners, but don’t know which features are most suited to you? Primp and Preen have created this buying guide to help you get exactly the type of straightener you need at a price that suits your budget.

hair straightner buying guide

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Hair type

When buying a hair straightener your need to consider your hair type, as a woman with thin straight hair will not need as much performance from her straighteners as a woman with thick, coarse or curly hair. Keep this in mind when choosing as features such as adjustable heat settings and wide plates will benefit different hair types.

Straightener or Styler?

If you’re the type of girl who likes to have your hair straight on a Monday, curled on Tuesday and beachy waves on a Wednesday then you should think about invest in a hair styler. A styler is a tool which will allow to achieve all these looks with one piece of equipment. A Hair straightener is more suited to those who already have separate hair curlers etc, or don’t need it to simply straighten hair.

How often will you use it?

If wash and straighten your hair every day or every second day then you will benefit from investing in a quality styler which can withstand constant usage. If you want to use the straighteners a couple of times a month or only on special occasion then you may not want to go overboard with a set which is too expensive or all singing and dancing.

How quickly do they need to do the job?

If you usually straighten your hair on limited time, such as before work then you’ll need a pair which has a super fast heat up time. You’ll also want the straighteners to hold the heat along your hair length so you don’t need to repeat sections a few times, which is a real time waster. If time is really tight then you may want to have a look at the steam hair straighteners, usually branded as ‘wet to dry’. This type of straightener has special plates will allow you use without blow dry first, saving vital time when in a hurry.

What’s your budget?

With hair straightener prices ranging from as cheap as £10 up to £150, you’ll be sure to fins a pair which meets your needs and your budget.
Prices will fluctuate depending on what offers are available but as a guideline Primp & Preen use three categories to describe the average price:

Budget hair straighteners range from £10 – £49
Mid Range hair straighteners range from £50-£99
Top Grade hair straighteners range from £100-150

Do you travel often?

If you are on the road often with work you may want to consider using cordless straighteners which work using replaceable gas canisters. These are ideal as you can use anywhere if you don’t have a mains power source. If you often travel abroad and like to take your straighteners to control the frizz in the hot and humid weather then you should look out a universal voltage feature. This feature means your straighteners performance will not be affect when used abroad and won’t cause problems with power sources or the internal electronics.


Hair straighteners can either come as a fixed temperature or adjustable temperature. The fixed temperature will heat up to a certain heat and will remain constant until they are turned off. An adjustable temperature will allow you to choose between a range. This range may be as basic as low-high setting or can as specific as the temperature in degrees. Those with thin or damages hair can benefit from lower temperatures whereas thicker , curly hair types will show better results at higher temperature. Most hair straighteners will range from 150-230ºC. A higher temperature will result is straighter and smoother hair but constant usage over 200ºC will cause more hair damage than using at a lower temperature.

Which plate finish?

The three most common plate types for straightness are ceramic, titanium and tourmaline. They all have their own benefits so consider which one is most important to you.

Ceramic straighteners heat up quickly and maintain heat along the whole section, which gives a very smooth and shiny finish to your hair.

Titanium also heats quickly and is light weight which allows you to straighten hair quickly.

Tourmaline creates ions negative ions on the hair, allowing you to get better results at lower temperatures, which means less heat damage. It also helps to seal the cuticle of your hair strands, meaning your hair looks healthier as split ends are flattened. The tourmaline also prevent static forming, so no more hard to tame frizzy sections.

Do you need accessories?

If you’re looking to get a professional set of hair straighteners you may be looking make quite an investment. If you need to buy any required accessories such as heat protector, a travel bag, a heat mat or clips, then this can add up quickly. Look out for gift set or kits which include these accessories with the straighteners as it can save you money in the long term.